Final Standing: 10th Place

After a heartbreaking loss to the SW Slammers this morning, 6 – 5, our final standing is 10th place. Our final game was very close all the way, with the Millers and Slammers alternating for the lead throughout the game. The Millers held the lead into the sixth inning, but the Slammers were able to pull out two nice runs to end the game.

We spent the afternoon watching the first championship game between the Austin Blackhawks and the RHI X-treme. The winner of tomorrow’s game will determine who is crowned the 2015 world champion. The loser will take second place. Other games are still in progress this afternoon, so the final standings will not be published until tomorrow night.

Tonight we’ll attend a Rochester Redwings game, thanks to a generous donation of tickets from the Redwings. Tomorrow, we’ll watch the championship game, and possibly a second game if there isn’t a clear winner. Following that, we’ll attend a banquet to cap off the tournament. Tomorrow, we’ll fly home and start thinking about our next season. Although we didn’t achieve our goal of moving into sixth place, we know we have a strong defense and offense and we’ll only get stronger next season.

From a fund raising perspective, we’ll be in a slightly better position next year, because the World Series will be in Aimes Iowa. However, we could use some help finding practice space for some winter batting practice. We’d also like to start fund raising early for the 2017 tournament in West Palm Beach Florida.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of our supporters this season. Stick with us throughout the off season, and don’t forget to tell your friends about the Millers and about beep baseball. We’re always looking for new players, volunteers, or fans.

A Long Hard Day

We apologize for not posting scores as they came in today. We played three games today, and we had very little down-time. Here are the results:

  • Millers Vs. RHI X-treme, 0 – 13
  • Millers vs. Indi Thunder, 11 – 10
  • Millers vs. Indi Knights, 12 – 2

Unfortunately, losing our first two games today eliminates us from the winner’s bracket, meaning that we are now unable to compete for anything better than 9th place. Fortunately, though, we will be competing for 9th place tomorrow morning, thanks to our win against the Indi Knights. Stay tuned for the results of that game tomorrow afternoon.

A Busy Day

Today will be a busy day for the Millers. This morning, at 9:00 AM, we play the second-place RHI Extreme. They’ve been a hard team to beet in the past, but we’re not the same team we were either. Winning that game would leave us undefeated in the winner’s bracket. Losing that game will give one of two elimination slots. Losing both mathematically eliminates us from playing in the championship game, but does not eliminate us from the possibility of competing for third place. All in all, we’re still on track to achieve our goal of moving up in the standings to sixth place or higher.

Yesterday we crushed the Lodestar Roadrunners 10 – 1. Our defense was awesome, giving up only one run in the last inning. Pitching and catching have continued to be on fire with almost no strike outs and runs being scored all over the place. We spent the rest of the day resting up, spending some time in the pool, and bonding over our annual team dinner at Sticky Lips Bareque. It was fantastic and we’re all full of energy this morning. The weather is also more cooperative, with a forecast for mostly cloudy skies and a high temperature of 85.

Thanks to all our fans who have been leaving comments on our Facebook page. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

Final Scores for Day 1

Here are the final scores for day 1:

  • Minnesota Millers beat Atlanta Eclipse, 14 – 1
  • Minnesota Millers beat BCS Outlaws, 15 – 2
  • Minnesota Millers lose to world champion Austin Blackhawks, 13 – 1
  • Pitching, catching, spotting, hitting, and fielding were all finominal! We won’t know until later tonight who we’ll play tomorrow, but we believe that winning two games today positions us to be able to sleep in tomorrow, with our first game starting at 11:30 AM. Stay tuned to this page for more updates, and remember to subscribe by email so you can forward these posts to your friends.

We’re Here!

We arrived in Rochester at about 10:00 PM last night. We spent the next hour getting our bags and getting to our hotel. From there, some of us went straight to bed, while others stopped off at the hotel bar to meet and greet other beep ball players.

Today, our volunteers will pick up our transportation and some team supplies. We may try to get in a short practice, or some time in the pool. Games start tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for scores.

Did you Know?

If you don’t look at Facebook or Twitter often, but you want to keep up with the Millers during the World Series, use the “subscribe by email” feature on our web site to sign up for emails whenever we post something new. Simply scroll to the footer area, enter your email address in the textbox, and click “subscribe”. You’ll be sent an email asking you to confirm your subscription and explaining how to opt out if you choose in the future.

This Is How We Do It!

Sunday, in a grass field near the Coborns Grocery store in Glencoe, around 90 people saw the only beep baseball game in Minnesota this year. The event raised around $200 for the Millers, but more importantly, it gave people a chance to see what an amazing sport beep baseball is. It almost didn’t happen though.


In 2013, we met Gary Koch, the Lion who has organized this event for the past three years. Within minutes, Gary fell in love with the idea of beep baseball and offered to arrange a game between the Millers and a team of community players as a part of the Glencoe Days annual festival. The event was such a big success that we were invited back in 2014 to do it again. Thanks to heavy rains, the 2014 event was delayed a month, and was then cut short by more heavy rains that started almost immediately after we’d completed the game. Still, the turnout was fantastic and we were looking forward to doing it again in 2015. Unfortunately, thanks to some internal politics, the Glencoe Lions decided to withdraw their support for the event about a month before it was supposed to take place.


Gary was undaunted, though, and approached supportive individuals from Glencoe and other nearby Lions clubs, and two weeks later, the event was back on. The turnout was still fantastic, and so was the weather. The Millers beat Glencoe 17-2, but everybody we talked to said they had fun and learned something new about how a sport designed primarily for blind people can be just as challenging, and exciting to watch, as one designed for people with normal vision.


The Millers would like to thank Gary, his wife Emmy, and the rest of the crew for sharing a wonderful day with us, and for sharing beep baseball with a small part of Minnesota. Gary is already talking about holding two events next year, and has offered to work with other Lions clubs that would like to hold more. This helps us to fulfill our primary mission, which is to provide blind and visually impaired people throughout Minnesota the opportunity to become more physically fit through competitive sports, and to educate people throughout the state about what it’s like to be blind. If you’re a Lion, or know one, please talk to your club about helping the Millers hold a fund raising and publicity event in your area, and use the links on this page to contact us for ideas.


P.s. Events like this can help the Millers, but they can also do so much more. For example:

  • Why not help clean up a local park in exchange for using it as a venue?
  • In addition to collecting donations for the Millers, how about collecting nonperishable food for a local food shelf, or used eyeglasses for recycling?.
  • What goes together with a baseball game better than food? Why not hold a bake sale and split the proceeds with a local charity? Baked goods might sell faster if they can be eaten conveniently while watching the game.
  • Get youth involved. It’s a great volunteer opportunity that they’ll never forget.
  • Finally, use the event to promote your club and to invite new people to become Lions. The largest service club in the world won’t stay that way without new blood once in a while.

Beep Ball in Sioux Falls?

We ran across this piece about beep baseball today. If beep ball is indeed still played in Sioux Falls, we’d very much like to know about it. In fact, we’d like to encourage any active players in Sioux Falls to form a team and challenge us to a few games. Since the Iowa Reapers have bailed out on us for the last two years, maybe we’ll have better luck next year with a brand new Sioux Falls team. What about it Sioux Falls?

A Rare Opportunity

People often ask us where they can see a beep baseball game. The opportunities for this are rare because we’re the only competitive beep baseball team in the state. Fortunately, though, thanks to a very committed fan in Glencoe, we’ll be playing our only game in Minnesota there next week.


Since 2013, Lion Gary Koch has organized a team of players from throughout the Glencoe community to compete against us. Since none of the players are blind, or have any prior experience with beep baseball, we modify the rules a bit to give them a chance, but the competition is real. Following the game, we offer children and adults the opportunity to try hitting a pitched ball and running to a base blindfolded. This year we’ll also be selling our own merchandise, including wrist bands, temporary tattoos, and some t-shirts. Food will also be available through Coborn’s Grocery.


This event has been a big hit in the past, with people calling it an “eye opening experience”.


When: Sunday, June 28th, 2015, 12:00 PM.

Where: the former Allen Field, just west of Coborn’s Grocery, 2211 11th St. E., Glencoe MN, 55336.


Don’t miss this opportunity to cheer on the Minnesota Millers during their only appearance in Minnesota this year.


P.s. This event has been so popular that we’d really like to hold something like it in the metro area. If you’d be interested in helping us put that together, please contact us through the links on this page.

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